Map Update November 2014

I’ve updated most of the maps again. Get yourself the newest version!

Have a good ride!


New map engine / map updates

Most of the maps have been updated. Get yourself the newest version!

The Android app will get an update of the map engine, which particularly improves the readability of the map on high resolution devices. The Pro version has already got the update, the Free version will receive it soon.

Have a good ride!


New Video Tutorial for Android

I made a new video tutorial for the Android Pro version. Now also in English!

I hope it will solve some questions.

Have a good ride!

New Design

Winter is nearly gone and spring is coming up.

I was working for a long time on a new layout and now it has been published for Android.

I hope you like it. The update for iOS is published too.

Have a nice spring!


Winter update

I made an update both for Android and iOS :

The Facebook upload has been improved. It shows a large map of the ride including start, finish and the core values.

The map download now turns data from the website in tables to make navigation and selection easier.
Additionally the remaining download time is shown.

The Android Pro Version now supports Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy) heart rate straps.
Bluetooth support for iOS will come up in some weeks.

Have a good ride!

Autumn Update

I made an update both for Android and iOS :
New in iOS:

  • Audio Feedback (needs iOS7)
  • Turn-By-Turn Instructions via audio when following a saved route
  • Calories calculation
  • Display of remaining distance/time when following a saved route
  • Facebook/Twitter posting of sessions
  • removed a lot of bugs

New for Android:

  • Turn-by-turn instructions for imported GPX files (beta) (Pro) – May not work perfect for every file, send my files you face errors with
  • elevation data is revised when a session is reviewed to increase inaccuracies (opt-out)
  • Automatic Backup of sessions and routes (Pro)(opt-in)
  • It is possible to use self made render themes to render the offline maps(Pro) – look here for more info
  • Update of translations

Maps Update / Vacations

Most of european maps have been updated. I’m in vacations in the next weeks and won’t be able to respond questions as soon as usually. Still I will try to answer them all.
Have nice vacations!

Update : Android Pro Version

After a long development, repeated rejections and new beginnings here they come: turn by turn instructions! After the release as audio feedback now coming with next update of the Pro version also visually.
The turn instructions are generated when creating the route. As only Google and CloudMade offer them, one of them needs to be selected as routing server. This is visualized in the list of saved routes through the directions icon.
The turn by turn instructions are displayed by default if you have selected a route with instructions for the ride. If you don’t want them to show up, you can turn them off in the ride view settings.
Routes that do not have turn by turn instructions, can subsequently receive them. Selected for “download instructions” in the context of a route.
GPX imports currently can not be equipped with turn directions. But I think about a solution.
Since the GPX import was lately difficult to find, I’ve changed the arrangement and hope to have that clarified.

BikeComputer for iPhone/iPad App released / veröffentlicht

After more than a half year of work it is finally out there : BikeComputer for iPhone/iPad is released and available in the app store. The app has not yet all the functionality of the Android app, but the most important: the offline maps!

If you like BikeComputer, recommend it to your friends who have an iPhone/iPad to give it a try. There is only one free version of the app, which will have some purchasable functionality inside. You can also unlock all functionality, which is actually at a very fair price. This purchase will not be consumed in future versions!

Click here to go to the app store

Improved map download and Polar license

I have reissued the map selection and the map download. It should be lots easier now to handle. Most of All the maps can be downloaded directly in the app now.

Finally I got a license from Polar and so I’m actually integrating I’ve integrated Polar Bluetooth belts into BikeComputer Pro. There is visual and audio feedback of it, featuring also sport zones which you are able to adjust to fit your needs.

As questions come up which strap is compatible : there are Polar straps compatible with Android and straps for iPhone. It is important not to mix them up! I have this one.