Map Update October 2016

I’ve updated most of the map files. Get yourself the latest version!

Have a good ride!


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Frühling / Spring / Primavera 2016

During winter I worked on several new features and released them now (BikeComputer Pro – Android) :

  • Gradient : report the current gradient of your activity either as another session statistic or via audio feedback.
  • Virtual Partner : select a prior session to compare it against your current session – also via audio feedback.
  • Temperature : new session statistic which shows the current temperature at your location. Updates every 30 min.

It is now possible to support the continuous development of the app subscribing to “BikeComputer Premium“. As Premium user you will get exclusive functionality.

Furthermore, I have revised the offline map symbols for devices with high resolution and am currently revising the simultaneous connection to heart rate and cadence sensors, as there were occasionally occurring problems.

I wish you a beautiful spring and a lot of fun with the app!


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Map Update October 2015

I’ve updated most of the maps. Get yourself the newest version!

Have a good ride!


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Cadence / Trittfrequenz Sensor

I have released an update containing support for cadence sensors using Bluetooth.

These respective devices like this one, with which I have worked, contain beyond the pedal rotation sensor a sensor for wheel revolutions. Using it, the measuring of distance and speed can be significantly more accurate than using the GPS for it. To make use of it, the correct circumference of the wheels must be set. Support for both sensors is available.

I’m interested in your feedback, especially on the simultaneous use of heart rate and the new sensor. I tested this, but accessing two Bluetooth devices simultaneously might be problematic.

Have a great start in the new cycling season!


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Android : new features – your support

I often get asked if this or that could be added to the (Android) app.

Actually, the following two things have emerged:

  1. Cadence measurement via Bluetooth
  2. Support the ANT + protocol for heart rate and cadence. For this, I need a smartphone that supports ANT+. These are available from Samsung, Sony and from HTC

Update (22.01.15)
Thanks for your participation for the speed/cadence sensor. I will integrate it until March.

Thanks to :

€10 : Christian H.
€15 : Rainer W.
€15 : Stephan K.
€5 : Stefan E.


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AndroidPit closes AppCenter

As some of you have already acknowledged, AndroidPit will close its App center at the end of the year 2014 and won’t offer updates of BikeComputer Pro. This is of course very annoying to everyone who bought the app on AndroidPit.

For all concerned users: I cannot provide single updates for single users I understand that you have purchased the app. However, the problem is more in AndroidPit. Perhaps you could consider to buy the app again on Google Play in order to continue to be supplied with updates.

Otherwise, I can offer you a one-time activation of a license on Google Play, but without any updates.
Please contact if you want me to do it.

In general, here is the process when you want to migrate the app from AndroidPit to Google Play:

1. Go into the app that was delivered by AndroidPit and save your sessions. Either via the synchronization function (the icon with two arrows) or via a local backup:

Sessions-> Menu-> Session Database-> Save.

2. The same route in GPX & -> Menu -> Route collection -> Save

3. Now you uninstall the app. You can then install the newly purchased version on Google Play.

4. You can import your data again by doing the same steps, but select each time “Restore”. Then all you need to is to restore your customizations in the app to have the app as before.



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Map Update November 2014

I’ve updated most of the maps again. Get yourself the newest version!

Have a good ride!


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New map engine / map updates

Most of the maps have been updated. Get yourself the newest version!

The Android app will get an update of the map engine, which particularly improves the readability of the map on high resolution devices. The Pro version has already got the update, the Free version will receive it soon.

Have a good ride!


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New Video Tutorial for Android

I made a new video tutorial for the Android Pro version. Now also in English!

I hope it will solve some questions.

Have a good ride!

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New Design

Winter is nearly gone and spring is coming up.

I was working for a long time on a new layout and now it has been published for Android.

I hope you like it. The update for iOS is published too.

Have a nice spring!


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